Kylie Cosmetics Review


Hello everyone! Here is my review on one of Kylie Cosmetics’ new lip kit colors “One Wish”. Hope you enjoy!!


Product: Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid  Lip Kit “One Wish”

Where to Buy:

Price: $29.00 USD

What’s Included: 

  • 1 Matte Liquid Lipstick (0.11 fl oz./oz. liq / 3.25g)
  • 1 Pencil Lip Liner (net wt./ poids net  .03 oz/ 1.0g)




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15 Replies to “Kylie Cosmetics Review”

  1. Hey Ash!

    I love the video 🙂 You have so much personality and it’s fun to watch! I could also be very helpful to have a transcription below of like the key points of your video – but I like this! I love makeup – but I normally spend < $5. I've heard great things about this though and the Jeffree Star lips.

    I struggle with keeping my lips hydrated, I always have peeling skin on my lips when I use lipstick – do you have any tips for that? I'm constantly using blistex because it's like the only chapstick that works for me.

    Thanks for the helpful review!

  2. Hi Ashley:
    I love your site. It has a very clean and professional look, while also being very warm and personable. I don’t use lipstick myself, but it sure looks good on you.

    I also like your video as it adds a much more personal touch than just trying to explain everything in print.

    I hope you plan on building on the site in the Fitness & Health area.

    Good Job,

  3. I haven’t tried using lip pencils actually and have always wanted to give it a go! Thanks for showing us how should we use this product! 🙂

    1. Lol I am not really sure. Some people like it and some people don’t. Everyone has different styles and her style definitely isn’t as conservative as others. Thanks for stopping by and reading though!! 🙂

  4. I love this color. I have it myself. Great review! Will you be doing any of her other products? What about other muas? Are you just going to be reviewing Kylie Cosmetics products?

    1. I plan on doing more beauty products, yes. Any suggestions? I’m pretty open as far as products just so long as they aren’t super expensive lol. It’s not like I’m on anyone’s PR list lol

  5. Great review. I don’t typically wear lighter colors like this. . . i think you called it a nude?? But I do like Kylie’s products. Do you have any others from her website?

    1. I have a few lip kits, a gloss, concealer and the 2016 holiday palette And yes its about time to throw it out lol. Coming up on its 24 month exp date :((

    1. Thanks so much! i appreciate you stopping by and taking the time out to comment 🙂 Any suggestions on other products (beauty related or others) for me to try out??

  6. I don’t really use colored lip products at all but this looks like a nice neutral one that I might consider. Thanks for the thorough overview.

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