All About Oliviere



I am a married mommy of two, three if you count our dog Pluto and sadly no one ever seems to count Pluto (KIDDING! Just a little Harry Potter reference there- avid Potterhead FYI and we love our puppy to death!!!). We live in NC #goheels although my husband grew up in good ol GA! (I have to put #gofalcons if I want to stay in my brother-in-law’s good graces ;P ) Our family’s interests vary from HP, LotR, Star Wars, anime, video games, cooking, baking and DIYing to Kung Fu, physical fitness and cheer leading!

I created this site for us to channel ourselves into something we can use to help other people who are similar to us! Whether it be my husband’s weight training or highly impressive kung fu videos to my DIY tutorials or my thoughts on various kid doohickeys, clothing or makeup! We’re a pretty well-rounded bunch! lol We strive to teach our kids to pay it forward so whatever we may find to help improve our life whether physically, mentally or even aesthetically and financially, we’re here to share the tips with you!

I look forward to creating fun and cost effective adventures with you.

All the best,

A. Oliviere