BCAA- What Is It?

So Much to Choose From

Have you ever walked into a health and supplement store and were bombarded with signs all over promoting products with BCAA? I know I sure have. We went into the GNC one day because my husband wanted to get pre-workout to help him build  muscle mass. I also wanted to do some research and find a supplement that I could use to tone down and get more lean.

Obviously I wanted to do it a natural way instead of trying to cheat the system with pills or surgery (not that I could afford it anyway lmao) so the GNC store seemed to be the best solution. We talked with the salesman and my husband got his big jar of whatever but I noticed that the same term kept being repeated, “BCAA”.

I thought to myself what the heck is BCAA? Then as the two men continued to talk about other products, I started seeing the letters on alot of the merchandise around me. It has to be something good, I guessed so I asked, “What is BCAA for?”


What is BCAA?

“BCAA,” he said, “are branch chained amino acids and they help boost your metabolism.” I’m no dummy but i wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that. I’ll be honest, I was still overwhelmed by all the different powders, protein bars and ripped men and women displayed on all the signage to be truly paying attention lol.

A boost in your metabolism means you are burning fat faster. THIS, I thought, was exactly what I needed. I was just getting back into the rhythm of excersizing and I figured I could use all the help I could get. Stay at home mom’s afterall,  don’t really get that much freetime in all honesty. It’s kind of hard to workup a good sweat when you have a toddler who constantly wants to play! But if you are one of those parents who actually CAN be a homemaker and juggle your workouts and kids then more power to ya! I, however am not one of them lol!

The gentleman seemed to be extremely knowledgeable and wasn’t just trying to make a sale. He let us try samples of different flavors of preworkouts like the Beyond Raw Precision BCAA anabolic recovery & power output in the flavor Iced Tea/Lemonade (this is the flavor my husband bought lol he loves his Arnold Palmers!) He uses this as a pre-workout.



What is Pre-workout?

This product, and those like it are generally mixed with water and consumed before and sometimes during your workouts
to keep you hydrated, energized and minimize soreness after your workout. Alot of times people will also take a post workout supplement, many in the form of a protein powder added to water or lowfat/almond milk to make a shake. These are specifically geared towards making sure your muscles aren’t aching after your workout whether it was light cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or weight lifting. Different products are geared toward different goals so I wouldn’t recommend just going out and buying any old supplement. Definitely do your research as some are more for building mass where as others such as the Scivations XTEND Ripped in watermelon lime (which is what I take) boost your metabolism and help with leaning out.

I mix 1 scoop with 15oz of water (the directions say 14 but I find it is a tad strong for me so. I add an ounce to dilute the flavor a bit) and sip on it throughout my workout. The guy at the GNC store told me not to eat breakfast before if I’m working out in the morning but I still eat a very light breakfast beforehand because it’s actually bad for you to skip breakfast. Your body needs replenishing after not eating for so many hours throughout the night. Although I can understand why he said to wait to eat. The BCAA formula will then target the stored fat as energy rather than your breakfast but this is just one personal preference that I have lol I’m not skipping breakfast!

As always, I recommend asking someone knowledgeable, or even your doctor, which supplements are right for which goals. Like I said before, if you are like me and trying to tone down and lose weight, you don’t to take a mass builder supplement as it’s job is to boost muscle growth and build those nice juicy muscles like these:

Calm down ladies (and gents) he’s taken  🙂


But overall, have fun with your journey, whatever your goals! Be sure to read the labels if you’re keeping an eye out for any particular ingredient to include or to stay away from with your diet (that goes with anything you consume). If tasty supplements and shakes such as these will help the process then, why not?


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21 Replies to “BCAA- What Is It?”

  1. Hey, im not big into protein powder personally but reading your article has given me some insight on the subject and has made me change my mind I might actually have to try this and see if it helps with my workout so thanks for sharing really informative post have a good night.

    1. The BCAA supplements aren’t a protein powder. They are a whole different product with a whole different use. I’m not overly fond of taking protein either and quite frankly don’t really need it unless however, different proteins and how they are processed with which ingredient promotes different results. It’s true that protein powders tend to have a chalky like feel/flavor but the Xtend RIPPED that I take tastes like Watermelon juice with a little lime thrown in there. It’s really good and doesn’t have the thick, shake like consistancy as a protein shake because it’s simply not the same thing. 🙂 Hope that helps clear things up!

  2. Great article, I always like having BCAAs to sip on during my workout. I also work in construction so ill often put some in my gallon jug for the day. Preworkouts are definitely something people need to research so many of the have junk fillers and stuff that you arent’ getting what you think. There are some great preworkouts out there, nothing like that rush before the workout I love it.

    1. I love my watermelon-lime flavored one and usually sip on one serving of that throughout the day on my non workout days. And you are right! People definitely need to make sure they are doing their research before introducing their bodies to something new.

  3. I will have to try this BCAA pre-workout supplement.

    I too don’t have extremely much time to treat my body so some additional help will not be bad.

    I’m over 50 though, do you think the age will affect the usage of these products?

    I’m doing a bit of home exercising and would love to burn some extra fat.

    1. They are safe for adults. Obviously teens or kids should probably stay away from taking supplements as their bodies are still growing. In your situation it shouldn’t hurt. I would still recommend talking to your doctor before hand. Everyone is different and may react to things differently. The BCAA supplements are using something your body naturally produces but is just giving a boost to promote recovery from exercise. Hope that helps Stefan! 🙂

  4. Hi there, I always use the pills of BCAA, is there a difference between the liquid or the pills?


  5. Well I did not know what BCAA was either, but now I do. This is an interesting article and good information for the working out enthusiast.

    Well written and explained. I could use a metabolism boost as I get older to help burn off unwanted fat, especially around the belly.

  6. Great post Ashely!

    I was not sure what was in the BCAA drink that you had, but does it contain any kind of calories? Specifically sugars? Of course it would if you were mixing with nut milk or something like beyond plain water.

    Just wondering what the effect would be when I am doing intermittent fasting and if BCAA would interfere with the fasting part of that? Otherwise, it sounds awesome!

  7. Hi there. Thanks for the information. This was news to me seeing as I don’t regularly use supplements for working out. However once in a while I might use a plant based protein powder particularly if I lose a bit of weight. So many of them its hard to know which one to take. I am curious to know how safe and tested the BCAA formula is and the watermelon and lime? Is it purely for flavor or is there some ingredient in watermelon or lime that helps?

  8. BCAA is great as a pre-workout, that is for sure. They target fat storages as energy and get you lean and muscled faster 😀
    Honestly, never tried having myself, I am a believer in healthy diets and BCAA products look too processed for me. But I know for a fact that you can have great results by using them.

  9. I honestly had never heard of BCAA, but now that I have I am thinking of giving it a try. I have been on a personal weight loss journey for about 8 months now, and although I have lost 80 pounds I have hit a bit of a plateau. I am going to try the BCAA while doing my workout and see if it helps my jump start my metabolism.

    Have a great day!

    1. There’s also different flavors you can try if you don’t like the “tartness” of the watermelon lime 🙂 Let me know which one you try I’d love to know others’ opinions on their experiences.

  10. I’ve alwasy wanted to know what that meant. I don’t workout or diet or anything but i see it alot all over the internet. good to know.

  11. It’s good to know more about Branch Chained Amino Acids. It’s my understanding that Amino Acids in general are good for metabolism, but maybe these specific supplements are even better.

    Do you know if they make any organic supplements that help your body produce more BCAA, instead of taking a synthetic form?

    I’m trying to walk more in the morning, before breakfast and then have a good breakfast.

    Taking this Beyond Raw Precision BCAA (sounds organic, but I couldn’t really tell) may really help boost my metabolism, more than just walking.

    Thank you for the info and suggestions.

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