5 Easy Ways to Make Money for FREE

MONEY!!! We all want it, there’s no getting around that. We want it fast and we want it for as little effort as possible. No since in denying it lol. It’s always been my dream to be able to work from home, spend more time with my kids and be able to take care of myself. I’m proud to say I only work a “9-5” job one day a week and the rest I do from home wiithout having to have invested ANY money into these programs. Here are my 5 easy ways to make money for free:


1.Go Shopping

Wait a minute, girl! You said I didn’t have to spend any money. True, but you still have to buy groceries each month. This one technically you do have to spend money, but it was money you were going to be spending anyway. All you have to do is snap a pic of your receipt and iBotta will send you CASH BACK rebates automatically based on what you bought. I’m talking within an hour or two timeframe.

Last week there was a $5 rebate for Easy Ups potty training pants and I’d just bought 2 boxes. I uploaded my reciept and was able to get $5 added to my account in a snap! Of course some rebates require you to buy two or more of the same item to qualify for the cash back but honestly, if you’re going to buy it anyway then bulk is the way to go! iBotta is completely free to signup for and it even gives you incentives when you’ve attained a certain amount of cash back in your account. Then, once you’ve hit $20 just switch it out for one of their MANY gift cards or Pay Pal credit and treat yourself to something nice for saving all that money!! (Might I add that if shopping online, use the following tip to earn cash back online =SWAGBUCKS)


2. Watch Videos

Swagbucks Logo

I’m sure many of you have heard of Swagbucks. I’ve seen this site top many a penny pinchers’ lists. Swagbucks is usually a site that is marketed for getting paid to answer surveys, which it is but I’ll be honest, I hardly ever get qualified for surveys. But the upside is you do get 1 SB for at least attempting a survey. Each SB is worth 1 cent  (USD). So what I do is play their games and watch their videos! They have free games that you can earn 2 SB for playing at a time and the videos are divided by playlists. Once you’ve watched the playlist you are awarded SB! Simple as that! I LOVE Swagbucks and am on it daily! I’ll even let you in on a little secret. . . I mute my laptop when they are playing half the time and they will automatically play to the next video. I don’t have to do anything!! Techically you don’t even have to pay any attention to it. Although, I have found plenty of recipes, DIY projects, hair tips and hollywood and political news from watching them.

They are categorized so pick your category and learn something new all by MAKING MONEY!!!  Swagbucks is also great for earning cashback when buying online through their website. Simply use the SB search bar on the site or in the app and choose which store you want to purchase from. Stores vary with the amount of cashback you can recieve but I’ve seen some give anywhere from 2% to 10% cash back! All the more reason to check out this free moneymaker!









3. Answer Trivia

I love trivia! My husband and I usually play it on those tablets at restaurants while we wait for our food lol so when I found out about Givling (my Givling Invite code is “AO571275” If you want to play along with me)  I was beyond ecstatic. Givling is a crowdfunded trivia game that allows you to win cash prizes as well as pay off student loans or mortgage debt! Everyday you get 2 free rounds to earn money and rankings. After that you can “crowdfund” or pay 50 cents (USD) to continue playing. All the proceeds people Pay to Play are what Givling uses to pay off people’s debt each day. It really is a great way to give back to your community while simultaneously earn money for yourself.

You also get to spin a wheel for the opportunity to earn more points FOR FREE. Once you’ve ranked high enough you will be the top dog who gets your loan paid off up to $50,000! You can also challenge your friends and help boost your chances of climbing in ranks. All for free (unless you want to keep playing haha) just by answering a few trivia questions a day? I think that’s worth the 50 grand if you ask me!



4.Take a Hike

As I do recommend plenty of excersize, climbing the side of a mountain is not what I have in mind lol. While you’re earning that money back through iBotta by doing your grocry shopping, spend a few extra minutes scaning items in the store using Shopkick. Here’s to another completely free app you can use to get free gift cards everytime you walk in a store. Some stores even give you 15 kicks just for walking in!! Then it gives you a list of eligible items to scan in exchange for kicks as well as bonus kicks if you upload your reciept and buy the item! That’s double the cash back if you can score a rebate from ibotta and Shopkick!

And it’s super easy to accumulate too if you just remember to scan as you shop! If you’re a goal setter like me and want to scan all the items on the list then go for it! All the more excersize for you which is just another easy way to earn that money honey!!!


+++******Use my invite code ” WIN283402 ” when you join and we BOTH get 250 Kicks (Shopkick points) for FREE when you make your first store check in with in 7 days of joining!!********+++



5.Create an Online Blog

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business or brand? Wanting people to come to you for recommendations, tips or just your general opinion? Then signup for free at www.wealthyaffiliate.com ! Not only is it completely free to join but it gets you set up with all the behind the scenes knuts and bolts to create a successful website. Whether you are selling Wealthy Affiliate Logoyour own products, reviewing other popular product trends, promoting another brand or just want to share your daily thoughts to the world, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) can help you achieve those goals. And the best part is- throw in a little marketing link (which Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to do step by step) and you’ll be earning money from the commisions that your site attracts! WA even gives you an abundance of training from start to finish on how to set up your site, turn on SEO searches (how people find your site/posts), create sufficiently fulfilled posts and even gives you the platform to buy your own domain ( should you be interested otherwise they give you 2 completely FREE sites to start with). To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate in particular you can view my review of it here or you can check out www.wealthyaffiliate.com and tell me what you think.


As a matter of fact, tell me what you think about any of these easy ways to make money. I’d love to hear about your experiences or any other ideas that could have made this list!


Thanks for reading!

Ash O.

Kylie Cosmetics Review


Hello everyone! Here is my review on one of Kylie Cosmetics’ new lip kit colors “One Wish”. Hope you enjoy!!


Product: Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid  Lip Kit “One Wish”

Where to Buy: www.kyliecosmetics.com

Price: $29.00 USD

What’s Included: 

  • 1 Matte Liquid Lipstick (0.11 fl oz./oz. liq / 3.25g)
  • 1 Pencil Lip Liner (net wt./ poids net  .03 oz/ 1.0g)




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BCAA- What Is It?

So Much to Choose From

Have you ever walked into a health and supplement store and were bombarded with signs all over promoting products with BCAA? I know I sure have. We went into the GNC one day because my husband wanted to get pre-workout to help him build  muscle mass. I also wanted to do some research and find a supplement that I could use to tone down and get more lean.

Obviously I wanted to do it a natural way instead of trying to cheat the system with pills or surgery (not that I could afford it anyway lmao) so the GNC store seemed to be the best solution. We talked with the salesman and my husband got his big jar of whatever but I noticed that the same term kept being repeated, “BCAA”.

I thought to myself what the heck is BCAA? Then as the two men continued to talk about other products, I started seeing the letters on alot of the merchandise around me. It has to be something good, I guessed so I asked, “What is BCAA for?”


What is BCAA?

“BCAA,” he said, “are branch chained amino acids and they help boost your metabolism.” I’m no dummy but i wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that. I’ll be honest, I was still overwhelmed by all the different powders, protein bars and ripped men and women displayed on all the signage to be truly paying attention lol.

A boost in your metabolism means you are burning fat faster. THIS, I thought, was exactly what I needed. I was just getting back into the rhythm of excersizing and I figured I could use all the help I could get. Stay at home mom’s afterall,  don’t really get that much freetime in all honesty. It’s kind of hard to workup a good sweat when you have a toddler who constantly wants to play! But if you are one of those parents who actually CAN be a homemaker and juggle your workouts and kids then more power to ya! I, however am not one of them lol!

The gentleman seemed to be extremely knowledgeable and wasn’t just trying to make a sale. He let us try samples of different flavors of preworkouts like the Beyond Raw Precision BCAA anabolic recovery & power output in the flavor Iced Tea/Lemonade (this is the flavor my husband bought lol he loves his Arnold Palmers!) He uses this as a pre-workout.



What is Pre-workout?

This product, and those like it are generally mixed with water and consumed before and sometimes during your workouts
to keep you hydrated, energized and minimize soreness after your workout. Alot of times people will also take a post workout supplement, many in the form of a protein powder added to water or lowfat/almond milk to make a shake. These are specifically geared towards making sure your muscles aren’t aching after your workout whether it was light cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or weight lifting. Different products are geared toward different goals so I wouldn’t recommend just going out and buying any old supplement. Definitely do your research as some are more for building mass where as others such as the Scivations XTEND Ripped in watermelon lime (which is what I take) boost your metabolism and help with leaning out.

I mix 1 scoop with 15oz of water (the directions say 14 but I find it is a tad strong for me so. I add an ounce to dilute the flavor a bit) and sip on it throughout my workout. The guy at the GNC store told me not to eat breakfast before if I’m working out in the morning but I still eat a very light breakfast beforehand because it’s actually bad for you to skip breakfast. Your body needs replenishing after not eating for so many hours throughout the night. Although I can understand why he said to wait to eat. The BCAA formula will then target the stored fat as energy rather than your breakfast but this is just one personal preference that I have lol I’m not skipping breakfast!

As always, I recommend asking someone knowledgeable, or even your doctor, which supplements are right for which goals. Like I said before, if you are like me and trying to tone down and lose weight, you don’t to take a mass builder supplement as it’s job is to boost muscle growth and build those nice juicy muscles like these:

Calm down ladies (and gents) he’s taken  🙂


But overall, have fun with your journey, whatever your goals! Be sure to read the labels if you’re keeping an eye out for any particular ingredient to include or to stay away from with your diet (that goes with anything you consume). If tasty supplements and shakes such as these will help the process then, why not?


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How to Remove Crayon Marks From Walls

 If you’re a parent like me, then I’m sure you’ve been in my current situation a time or two! You give your little one a few Crayola sticks and a piece of paper and then go off to fold the laundry (or simply to use the bathroom). No big deal, right? WRONG! You come back 5 minutes later to a wonderful new masterpiece, ON YOUR WALL! The paper hasn’t even been touched. If you have, then here’s my best solution for removing crayon marks from your wall.

I’m no newb when it comes to the many sticky/messy shenanigans my children have thrown at me but in the past, I’ve always relied heavily on Clorox wipes! Usually they do just about everything from disinfecting surfaces to cleaning up the tray to my tot’s highchair, so naturally I whipped those suckers out first. DO NOT DO THIS!! The bleach in these puppies can actually eat away at your paint, which I found out the hard way. If you want to simply wipe down your walls from a FRESHLY thrown bowl of spaghetti then by all means, go for it. For any type of actual scrubbing, stay away from anything with bleach or super harsh chemicals.

Now some of you may say, “Oh just use some Fantastik! It will come right off!” This is also not true. ALOT of scrubbing was done with said cleaner and a paper towel and even though it seemed to be working. . . Like I said, lots of scrubbing. That’s too much elbow grease for me.

What I did find, however was that these babies got the job done in a blink of an eye and I had 4 different walls to tackle! (Yes you read that right. FOUR. All in the time it took me to take a tinkle.) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser- Extra Durable are little white textured sponges of pure genius. Just put a dab of water on that sucker and go to town!


Or have your kids do it for you (make a game out of it). That’s what I did anyway. I told my 8 year old that if she could get the wall in the playroom done before bedtime then she would win a special prize! Needless to say she cleaned one of the walls in their bedroom as well as the one in their playroom in that time!

Of course, I started out with the Magic Eraser first, testing the waters with my new little buddy on the wall in the hall way and a different spot in their bedroom and it came right off. Those were lighter colors of crayon though and I got a little anxious when preparing myself to tackle the black and brown concoction in the playroom. However, Vaeh asked if she could help and I gladly obliged. I went to show my husband what I was finally able to do thanks to Mr. Clean and then checked back on her progress and she was already halfway done! To say I was surprised was an understatement.

So needless to say, if you ever have a war between your wall and your toddler with a crayon, make sure you have the shiny white bald guy on your team; unless you want to waste time scrubbing your heart out that is. I guess if you count it as exercise it’d be worth it? Yeah, I’ll pass lol.



See how quickly it came off!!